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Professional SEO Services & Consultation – Tips From My Experience

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Professional SEO Services - Market Reality.

In today’s SEO reality professional seo services are difficult to be found. 1. This does not necessary mean that the SEO consultants out there do now know how to SEO optimize websites but perhaps, even worse, they know how to do it but they do not do it in the best way they can. Probably, the reason for this is because they want to extend their cooperation with their clients by giving them slowly, slowly some results. Unfortunately, many clients cannot understand a lot from SEO in order to be able to evaluate the SEO performance. 2. On the other hand there are many professional SEO consultants who offer quality services to their clients but it is hard to be found in google search results for their industry keywords. The reason is that for so long some other SEO companies have invested a lot of time and money to conquer the market having employees fully assigned into blogging for SEO. It is very hard for individual SEO professionals to find the time to do this for their small businesses… The online competition for SEO keywords is the most competitive online market that exists in terms of SEO and even to advertise with Google Ads for the same keywords is extremely expensive. So, it is a hard business field to enter even if you are an experience SEO professional with many successful SEO case studies!

What are the steps a professional SEO consultant should take before starting an SEO project?

There are some steps that need to be taken by a professional SEO consultant in order to be able to decide what is possible in an SEO projects and what is not and how easy or not it will be for a desired result to be achieved. A professional SEO consultant has to a make serious seo marketing research on the website’s business topic that will include seo keyword analysis for the business, competitor website research and analysis and in depth study of the website (that will contain both a technical seo audit but also content relevance) in order to be able to form a successful SEO strategy. These are the ‘MUST do SEO Steps’ for any SEO professional. Every SEO project needs a plan that will be based on actual marketing data and not on intentions and beliefs.

Professional SEO consultant cervices VS clients who think they know what they need.

A lot of times clients who think they have a relatively good understanding of SEO, approach professional SEO companies and consultants and ask them for specific SEO Services.

For example it is very common to ask for SEO backlink services or for SEO content promotion services. These services are not necessarily equivalent to the SEO link building services because professional SEO link building services require first the ‘must do steps’ described above. These steps will allow us to create and promote content that can bring us prospects who will be interested in buying our products or services or making the type of conversions we want to have in our website.

Many times when SEO experts or SEO professional companies (even the ones who are considered to be in the list of the best seo companies that exist) are asked to do backlinks and they just implement their clients requests. Without doing prior to this a serious SEO research that will reveal what is appropriate for each client and will help them form an seo strategy. The result is usually a lot of money spend / lost in creating and promoting content that is many times irrelevant with the promotion of the content that can bring conversions to a website. This is why it is important for the success of an SEO project to allow the SEO professionals to do their research and give consultation based on it. Implementing individual tasks without forming an SEO strategy is not a good starting point.

SEO Packages vs Professional SEO - What is the difference?

It is difficult to be able to evaluate the services of an SEO company especially when you do not know any of its clients and the SEO results that they achieved. But there is a way to understand from the pricelist and SEO packages they offer. For example, when a company charges the SEO backlink services based on the domain rating / or url rating of a website (more expensive when they come from high authority and less expensive when they come from lower authority) then things do not look optimistic. How is it possible to offer professional SEO services when you enter in the logic of quantity vs quality, in the logic of plain links and not promotion of content to interesting websites for the target audience, or the logic of package vs time. What is important is not to sell quantities of backlinks in high authority websites but in high authority websites that are:

– relevant to a client’s industry.

– use an anchor text that is appropriate for describing the clients products / services.

– send the link to a landing page that is targeting the correct keyword.

– and ofcourse generate traffic that makes conversions or at least shows interest in the client’s products or services.

Most of the companies that sell backlinks never mention the above points (unless they are asked) because this would make their work more difficult and their SEO packages more difficult to be implemented. When SEO companies charge based on the number of links and not based on hours of research and implementation then like it or not the quality of the services will not be as high. Thus, why should they make their lives complicated if the clients do not understand so much…

Professional SEO consulting Services and On Page SEO Optimization Services.

A professional SEO consultant should not bypass studying a website’s existing content and its rankings. By studying a website’s existing rankings we can apply on page seo optimization tactics per landing page or per a set of landing pages so that we target better the keywords for which a website already ranks. By studying a website’s keyword rankings in combination with doing also some keyword research we can find in addition traffic opportunities and traffic threats and adjust our SEO tactics accordingly. Probably this is one of the fastest SEO services we can implement in a website and see the results very fast.

Can a small business afford to hire a professional seo company or consultant?

It is possible to get professional small business SEO consultant services within a tight monthly budget. Professional SEO consultants can help business owners identify and discover things related to their business that they had never before thought about. They can help them not only form or redesign their websites based on SEO but also to form their business services/products to better match their target audiences.  A serious SEO work involves making research to find valuable data that will assist us in understanding better our target audience/s and develop websites on such a way that our services/products will seem appealing to these audiences.
As Google recommends:
Use search to search to identify needs. Search and user data are great identifiers to discover unique needs. Don’t settle for the best customer experience in your industry, deliver the best!
Source: Think with Google.

Professional SEO consulting services can help companies grow using the internet. Finding a professional seo consultant is truly an asset for every company.

Professional SEO Services Offered

All the aspects of professional SEO services that you might need.

SEO Marketing Services

SEO Marketing

SEO marketing services is a type of SEO service that is important for startups or for companies and individuals who would like to understand the online market..

Technical SEO Audit Services

Technical SEO Audit

Technical seo audit services are carried out by seo professionals people who understand several aspects of the SEO and have experience to spot the issues that cause..

On Page SEO Optimization Services

On Page SEO

The on page seo optimization services for content is an SEO service / internet marketing service that requires an in depth study of the services or the products a business offers..

Local SEO Services for Small Businesses

Local SEO Services

Local SEO for small businesses is a different type of SEO service. It exists to promote local businesses to prospect clients who search for services or products related to..

SEO Strategy Services

SEO Strategy

Offering SEO strategy services is a difficult task that requires a lot of research and data analysis, good knowledge of the SEO environment and trends as well as well as..

SEO Link Building Services

SEO Link Building

SEO link building services can help your website improve its ranking in google’s organic search results for specific user queries and thus can help you bring more users to your website..

Professional SEO Services Per Website Type

Does your online business belong to any of the below categorizations? Let me assist you!

Small Business SEO

SEO can be particularly useful for small businesses and startups. It can help them understand their target audience and form their business around it.

Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO has some differentiations but shares the same principles with the SEO for company websites, blogs and other website types.

International & Multilingual SEO

International SEO is tricky and many variables need to be taken into consideration before deciding an effective international SEO strategy.

Wordpress SEO

WordPress SEO is an SEO friendly SEO but this does not mean that by adding a professional SEO plugin the SEO work is done. There is much more to it than only this.

Communication is important in order to understand your industry and business needs. Hope you take the opportunity to discuss your project with me on a 30min free consultation session. I will be happy to hear from you!

Website Design & Development Services

A professional SEO consultant can help you design your website using the knowledge that can be obtained with an SEO marketing research. I undertake website design projects that focus on SEO as well as projects that involve redesigning existing websites having always SEO in mind. WordPress is my favourite CMS for small to medium scale website projects and I am able also to offer you a full range of professional wordpress services. For advanced website development projects I cooperate with professional WordPress companies.

Invest in Google Ads

The competition online is very strong. Enhance your brand’s image with Google Ads and take advantage of all the possibilities to target your prospect clients. Google Ads are extremely successful when your website’s strategy takes into consideration SEO. If you have not used Google Ads before I can offer you a free coupon to try it. Get a free Google Ads coupon today!

Training Services Related to SEO

Online businesses need to be able to understand their marketing data as this enables them to make correct decisions. This is the reason I have decided to offer to my clients also training in some of the most popular and useful tools that exist in the market today! Guess what? I love Google! 🙂

Google Analytics Training for Beginners
Google Search Console Training for Beginners
Google Tag Manager Training for Beginners

Client Testimonials & Case Studies

  • Edno Language School
    The truth is that I haven’t stopped looking at my school as a teacher. On the contrary, I have been able to keep that perspective because Sofia’s work created the virtual space, image and interest in what we do discoverable. She helped us focus on our teaching services without worrying too much about finding new clients. She is the invisible part of our team, helping us keep up with the virtual world! I would absolutely recommend Sofia Tsenekidou’s services to anyone who is ready to push their business forward! Ellie Zareva - Owner of Edno School - Case study here
    Edno School
  • Sotiris Eftymioy Home Renovation
    I have been working for a number of years with Sofia. Sofia, has made the analysis of my website and built it in WordPress. Since then, she has been supporting me with digital marketing consultation and online business growth consultation. She is taking care of my business and dealing with all my problems and solving them with absolute success. In addition she runs on a monthly basis very successful Adwords ads and optimizes the website for SEO. Sofia, is very experienced in her work and has helped me significantly to achieve my business goals. My website is always on the first page for all the important keywords in my industry. I am very pleased with the cooperation we have and of course I continue to work with her and will continue to work with her as I feel that she is one very important part of my business. Sotiris Efthymioy - Owner Case study here.
    Sotiris Eftymioy Home Renovation
  • ams music school thessaloniki
    Sofia, thank you so much for your excellent collaboration, the amazing and immediate results that you brought on promoting our music school services and the absolutely proper SEO & ADWORDS setup as well as the improvement of our website. Stelios Tsompanidis - Owner of AMS Studios Case study here.
    AMS Studios
  • Client Logo
    Sofia provided easy-to-follow guides to implement her SEO suggestions, as well as new ideas for low-competition keywords and future content. She also provided advice to help us make our own SEO decisions and guided us through the process of editing and boosting our existing content. Cassey Marriott – Expatica Chief Editor