Best SEO software for small businesses

Best SEO software for small businesses

Best SEO software for small business

Best SEO software for small businesses

A lot of small business owners who cannot afford to pay for SEO services on a monthly basis or who would like to experiment with SEO themselves are interested in finding out which is the best SEO  software for small businesses. This article will present which are the top 10 SEO software solutions for small businesses based on the findings of a research contacted in Google search. The research is analyzing the proposals of the top 10 ranking articles in google search results for the keyword ‘best seo software for small business’. As I have not yet used all of the SEO tools mentioned I will comment on the ones I know and the ones I am using or have used in the past. I will also share with you my impressions about the ones I did not know so far and how willing I am to devote some time and try them.


Additional info about the way the research was contacted

The research was cross checking the top 10 results in and domains for the keyword ‘best seo software for small businesses’. On average in every one of these top ranking articles, 10-13 SEO tools were mentioned with some exceptions of pages that were mentioning all the SEO ones they knew and were ranking them. In these cases I only took into consideration the top 10-13 tools. There was one website whose proposals I had never heard before and I have excluded it from this research because I believe that it was biased. It was excluding some of the top tools in this industry… In anycase, this research by no means is a formal one comparing features in detail but it is a research based on popularity.  I have also checked which are the total number of searches per month in google search for each SEO tool brand name in order to get also an additional idea of how popular each SEO tool is based on google stats. And again this cannot be considered a formal research as I have not expand the research to include all the different variations that online users use to search for each brand but just included the top 3 name variations for each brand  (whenever this was the case).


What I am hoping to achieve with this research

As an SEO consultant who offers affordable SEO services to small businesses I am hoping that I will help some of you choose the SEO tool which will assist you understand better your organic traffic and help you monitor it and increase it. Just to note thought, if you have a startup or are in the process of building a new website or redesigning your website do contact an SEO expert. There are SEO tasks that require experience and technical knowledge and it is best not to start a project just experimenting. It is very common in such cases after a few months to realize that you need to build your website from the beginning in order to do a real SEO work on it. An SEO professional will guide you and make sure that you do not make important mistakes and at the same time will offer you guidance on what she/he thinks is best to do for your company. I would be happy to hear from you if you need small business seo consultant services.


The top 15 Best SEO Tools for small Businesses 2019

Not to keep you waiting more. Here is the list with the top 15 best SEO software tools based on my research:

No SEO Tool Top 10 Articles Popularity Google Search Popularity Additional keywords included Premium or free
1 Moz 7 188500 seomoz, moz pro premium
2 SEMrush 7 246000 premium
3 ahrefs 6 110000 premium
4 Serpstat 4 22000 premium
5 Google search console 4 796000 google webmaster tools free
6 Google analytics 4 4090000 free
7 Screaming frog 4 52400 screaming from seo, seo frog premium
8 Google trends 3 1522200 google search trends free
9 Raven tools 3 5400 premium
10 Majestic 3 ?? 368000 premium
11 Spyfu 3 140 premium
12 Optimizely 3 ?? 90500 optimize premium
13 Google keyword planner 2 447000 keyword planner needs Google ad budget
14 Google my business 2 1000000 free
15 Agency analytics 2 5400 premium

* The research was contacted at the end of December 2018 and it can be used for proposing the best SEO software for 2019.


I have highlighted with bold the tools that I have never heard before. This is a very interesting research also for me as it keeps me updated with new tools for SEO! 🙂  The column ‘Top 10 articles popularity’ shows how many times each SEO tool was mentioned in my research in these top 10 article proposals. The column Google search popularity shows how many times the name of each brand is searched on a monthly basis in google search (global searches from users who type in English). The column  ‘Additional keywords included’ shows the additional keywords that I included in my research when writing down the number in the ‘Google search popularity’ column because some of these brands are known with more than one name etc. Lastly the column premium or free explains very fast if any of these tools is free to use.


To be noted that for the tools Majestic and Optimizely the Google search popularity number could be misleading as for the case of Majestic there is also a band with this name and for the word of Optimizely the searches are switching to the keyword ‘optimize’ and thus probably the number is higher than the monthly searches the specific brand name receives.


My impressions after seeing the results

I must say that I would have probably predicted 50% of the list and I am happy to see that there are tools that I did not know. Some of these tools may help me do my job better and faster in the future. On the other side there are SEO tools which I consider very good and are not listed in this list so I decided to give also my list of best SEO tools. Here is my list:

General SEO tools Google Search Popularity My Comments
ahrefs 188500 Very good general SEO software for professionals
Serpstat 22000 very good general SEO tool for small budgets and in fact a very good value for money choice
SEMrush 246000 The best in competitor analysis but weak on not very popular languages like Greek and Bulgarian which are languages that I also support with SEO services. (this is why I had stopped using it)
Moz 188500 I must admit I have never had the chance to use this one but I do trust Moz for SEO as I find many times helpful articles on their blog. So, I am sure it is also a good option.
Google Tools   Why I use each of them
Google search console 796000 SEO audit and SEO optimization and SEO penalty monitoring
Google analytics 4090000 Monitoring and optimization
Google trends 1522200 SEO strategy
Google keyword planner 447000 SEO strategy
Google my business 1000000 local SEO
Google alerts 368000 SEO strategy
Google tag manager 375000 Not for SEO but for general assistance a good to know tool
Google Sheets 3350000 Reporting, monitoring and optimization
Google data studio 110000 For Reporting
Audit Crawlers My Comments
netpeak spider 1900 For technical SEO. I am extremely happy using this tool and it is very good value for money
screaming frog 52400 For technical SEO. I have only used in the past its free version and for sure it is a professional SEO tool but somehow I started first with the Netpeak spider and I am very happy with that.
Browser Add ons
SEO quake 20200  Good for finding the rankings for your keywords fast in your browser
Link redirect trace 720  Good for monitoring your link redirects. If they are 301 or 302.


I have highlighted with bold all the tools that I am using and the ones that I believe are market leaders on their niche. But I believe it is fair at least to mention which were the other SEO tools that the articles were mentioning. I must admit that I find some of them very interesting and I will try to find some time to explore their features in the future.


The rest of the SEO tools mentioned in the top 10 ranking articles

The below table presents the rest of the SEO tools that were mentioned in these 10 articles with my comments for each one. As the purpose of this article is not to present each tool in detail or to review each SEO tool I have only included at the bottom of this article a glossary. The Glossary shows how each tool is positioned in the market with one sentence based on their website home page SEO title or SEO meta description.

The rest Google Search Popularity My comments
Google page speed insights 33100 Optimizing speed is important for SEO and this is a tool for this purpose that Google provides for free.
Rank ranger 880  Probably I would not try this because I follow the keyword rankings with other tools already.
Xenu’s link sleuth 2900 Interesting but I am using already another tool to check this.
Whitespark ?  Interesting way to position the tool as basically a tool that can help optimize local SEO. I would be interested to see if it provides additional features although I believe there are ways to find this info with the tools I already use.
Brightlocal 6600 Interesting as an idea especially for citations but still not sure it is necessary.
Klipfolio 22200 Interesting. I would like to see more.
Kwfinder 33100  Good tool for keyword research but I already use other tools to do this and this one is also premium.
Ubersuggest 110000 I vote yes for sure especially for getting more ideas and info to target keywords that are easier but still important for a business.
Answer the public 49500 Keyword tool less interesting than the Ubersuggest but probably good for finding ideas for voice SEO
Search metrics 12100  Not sure which feature from this tool can be consider as one with competitive advantage. I would be interested in watching a demo presentation.
Link research tools 1300 Yes but I believe its price is very expensive
Deep crawl 5400  Perhaps it is good but I believe the Netpeak spider is covering everything I need on this respect.
Hubspot 550000 Not really an SEO tool but interesting for as a sales and CRM tool
Hootsuit 550000 Not an SEO tool but interesting for social media management
ibusiness promoter 110  Their home page meta description says that the ranking is guaranteed… This is not something a tool can provide so this statement is not something that I like.
Ontolo 480 Interesting to check it for link building…
Rank trackr 8100 Not sure there is something more that this tool can offer me regarding rank tracking..
Proranktracker 1900  Same as above
Seocockpit 1600 Interesting toll especially for link building but I believe it is very expensive
Hotjar 135000 very good tool for understanding how your target audience reacts to your SEO strategy. Video recording of the user sessions is extremely interesting to watch.
App radar 480 App store SEO optimization! To be honest I did not know that such a tool existed. I am very interested in learning more about it.
Siteimprove 14800  Not sure what is the competitive advantage of this tool..
Conductor searchlight 1310  Would be interested in learning more… Maybe this tool can help make my work faster… not sure.. 12100 interesting probably for optimization and professionals not small business owners (Depends on the price)
Seomofo 5400  Good for website projects that do not provide SEO snippet features like for example SEO Yoast plugin provides.
Hittail 390  I will try its free version to check if it really provides something interesting related to optimizing keyword research fast.
Botify 5400  Would be interesting to see how it presents the data tools and diagnostics to understand if it is really an interesting tool.


How many suggestions for SEO tools this research covers?

This research presenting the findings of 99 SEO tool suggestions and in total 50 tools that were proposed for SEO analysis. Thus, it is clear that SEO is not a task that can be achieved only by using one tool. It is important to know more. But if you wish to start from somewhere I would for sure recommend all the free tools that especially Google provides and one of the General SEO tools (ahrefs, SEMrush, Serpstat or Moz). And as you progress with what you can do and can achieve with these tools to add more tools in your procedures until you reach the stage that you are happy with what you can achieve.

SEO Tools Glossary

SEO Tools How they are positioned in the market
Google Trends Explore how Google data can be used to tell stories.
Google Analytics Google Analytics lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications.
Google Search Console Search Console tools and reports help you measure your site’s Search traffic and performance, fix issues, and make your site shine in Google Search results.
Google Alerts Monitor the web for interesting new content
Google Keyword Planner Keyword research and strategy with keyword planner
GooglePageSpeed Insights Speedup your website
Google My Business Stand out on google for free – for local companies
Screaming Frog SEO spider tool crawler tool
Netpeak Spider Seo crawler
Xenu’s link sleuth Free app that will let you check that there are no broken links on your website
Google SpreadSheets Online spreadsheets
WhiteSpark SEO for local businesses (citations)
BrightLocal Local SEO tools and local citation building service
Raven Tools White label marketing reports & seo audits
Klipfolio Business dashboard software
Agency Analytics Marketing reports and dashboards for agencies
Moz Pro General SEO tool
Link-Assistant.Com (seo powersuite All in one seo software and seo tools
Seo Quake A powerfull seo toolbox for your browser
ahrefs SEO tools and resources to grow your traffic
SEMrush Service for competitors research, shows organic and ads keywords for any site or domain
Serpstat General seo tool for webmasters and small businesses
SearchMetrics Enterprise seo and marketing platform
Majestic Link research tool and marketing search engine
SpyFu Copetitor keyword research tools for adwords
Kwfinder Keyword research and analysis tool
UberSuggest Free keyword tool, generate more suggestions
Answer The Public Free visual keyword research and content ideas tool
Secockpit Keyword research & seo management software
LinkResearchTools Recover, Protect, Learn and Grow your SEO with LRT
DeepCrawl Website crawler, seo audits, insights, monitoring
Optimizely Experimentation platform
HubSpot SEO Inbound marketing, sales and service software
Hootsuite Social media marketing & management dashboard
ibusinessPromoter Search engine optimization software
Ontolo Prospecting tools for link building, seo, social media and more
Advancedwebranking Provides fresh daily, weekly or on demand geo-located rankings
Rank Ranger SEO software for marketing professionals
RankTrackr Rank tracker for seo professionals High performance seo rank tracker
Hotjar Heatmaps, visitor recordings, conversion funners, form analytics, feedback polls and surveys in one platform
App Radar SEO for Apps SEO software for seo analysis
Siteimprove SEO, accessibility, analytics, gdpr
Conductor search light SEO platform and enterprize content marketing SEO platform content performance marketing
Woorank Website review tool and seo checker
Seomofo Google snippet optimization tool
Hittail Keyword tool that analyzes your website’s traffic and generates long tail keywords highly relevant to your audience.
Botify Unified suite of applications to merge technical SEO, content, and real rankings for Enterprise Websites







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