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Google advertising services (also known as Google Adwords / Google Ads) are essential for businesses. As the internet enters in our lives more and more, the competition businesses have to face becomes stronger. The existence of a good website for every business is a MUST, but it doesn’t guarantee growth. In addition to this, if a company is determined to invest in SEO services, it will still take a considerable amount of time to reach the desired result. Thus, for faster results, it is important to invest in paid online advertisements. Google Adwords or Google Ads (new name for Adwords) is a paid solution tool offered by Google to businesses that want to advertise their products and services online. Professional Google advertising services are necessary for achieving a profitable return on your online promotion investment.

Some interesting statistics about Google advertising dynamics

In order to understand how powerful Google advertising ads are for a company, let’s have a look at some interesting stats. Google’s reach is huge which means possibilities to reach our target audience are also huge. Some interesting stats for Google and Google AdWords for 2017 based on are:

Google brand – market share & revenue

* Google’s revenues are increasing year by year and in 2017 the increase was 22.5% comparing to 2016 (from 89.46billion to 109.65billion USD/year)
* 86% (95.4billion USD) of Google’s revenues in 2017 came from Google Ads
* Google’s net digital ad revenue as a percentage of total digital ad revenues worldwide in 2017 was 33%.
* Google is the second most valuable brand in the world after Apple.

Google network importance per channel

* In Europe and USA google’s search market share is more than 80% per country.
* Based on December 2016 data Google is the top display advertising network in the United States with a market share of 77.8%
* 81 percent of global internet users had visited Google’s Youtube online video portal in the last month during the 1st quarter of 2015.
* The active Gmail users in 2016 were 1billion globally.
* Google’s is the No1 search source for finding local / small businesses online using Google My Business (Google Maps).
* Google is the No1 company in the world in the users preferences for selecting a variery of apps it offers like (Youtube, Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Calendar).

Google’s impact on the US economic activity

* In 2016 Google’s search and advertising tools helped provide $222 billion of economic activity for 1.5 million US businesses, website publishers, and non-profits. (Source:
It is important to understand that no business invests in something that does not bring profit. Sooner or later if Google Adwords didn’t generate profit, businesses would stop using it. But in fact the opposite happens and it happens to such an extent that it keeps a company like Google alive and very much profitable.

How does Google advertising through Google Ads works

Google advertising main types of ads

There are 3 main types of Google adwords ads.

  • Text ads
  • Banners
  • Videos

Where I can present my Google advertising ads – Google Adwords network

So, how can we reach out prospect clients using Google Adwords services? First let’s have a look where Google adwords paid ads can appear:
– Google’s Search Network and Google partner’s search network.
Google search ads are text ads that are displayed at the top and the bottom of the organic search results. As mentioned above Google has a market share greater than 80% of the users who search online.
– Google Display Network.
Display network ads are mainly banner ads, the ones we find almost in every informative website that exists online (almost in 77.8% of the websites in USA).
– Google Youtube Channel
Youtube ads can be either banners or video ads and 81% of the global population is visiting Youtube at least once every 30days.
– Google Maps
Google maps allows business to display both free info (like company info, photos, videos, posts) and paid ads to the users who search for something relevant to the services or products a business offers.
– Google Shopping
This is a special category of ads that presents ecommerce product info in the search results. It is not available globally, but in the countries it has been activated so far, it has been extremely valuable for ecommerce websites.
– Google Play Store Apps
These are usually the small ad banners displayed inside apps which can advertise both apps or other products/services.
– Gmail
These are the google ads that we see in our Gmail accounts and, as the stats above show, can help us reach 1 billion users globally.

How we can target prospect clients with Google Adwords services

There are various possibilities to target your prospect clients. Target based on:
– Search keywords
We can also choose to present our ads to users who search in google search using specific terms.
Example: If we want to promote an interior designer in london we could choose to present our ads only to people who are located in London and search for ‘interior designer’ in google search.
– Location:
We can choose when an ad is displayed to a user, based on where they are located at that particular moment. We can target countries, cities, even a radius distance away from an address. And we can refine it even more by targeting online users who are in the targeted location/s or are interested in this location or both.
Example: I want to display my ads to users who are located in London at a distance of 2km from my shop.
– Language
According to google ‘Language targeting allows you to choose the language of the sites that you’d like your ads to appear on. Google will show your ads to customers who use Google products (such as Search or Gmail) or visit sites on the Google Display Network (GDN) in that same language.’ The combination of location and language is very important when we need to target foreigners in a location!
Example: I want to show my ads only to users who are foreigners and are in London at the moment.
– Devices
We can also target users who are seeing our ads on certain devices or device. Example, Desktop, tablet or mobile and even device models and brands. This campaign setting possibility is very interesting for local businesses that target users who search on their mobile phone, but also for other types of campaigns.
Example: Present a new iPhone device to users who already use iPhones or users who use old iPhone models.
– Days & Time
We can choose to target users during specific days of the week or during specific hour of a day.
Example: If we want to promote a restaurant business that mainly sells coffees and breakfast we can choose to display our ads in the morning.
– Demographics
We can also choose to show are ads to specific demographics (age, gender, parental status).
Example: If we want to promote a business that sells low price, trendy swimming suits to young men, we can narrow our ads to be displayed only to this particular demographic.
– Interests
We can also choose to present our ads to people who have a specific interest. Interests are something that Google’s artificial intelligence algorithms identify based on the online behavior of a user (which websites a user visits). The interest could be categorized to an affinity type of interest (general interest) or an in-market interest (meaning a user who is currently searching for a specific product or service). But we can also make custom audiences by finding the common characteristics of users who visit certain websites, and show them our ads.
Example: If we want to promote camping by the sea we could choose to show our ads to people who are camping, or who are searching for camping products etc. Or, if we want to promote a sports center and we are not sure which the target audience is, we can find what interests the online users who visit competitors’ websites are and make a custom audience to target the same profile of users.
– Topics / Keywords
We can choose to present our ads in websites/pages that present info for a specific topic or whose pages contain some of our important keywords.
Example: If we want to promote an international logistics transportation company, we can choose to present the ads to users who are interested in topics about imports and exports or to pages that contain some import/export related terms.
– Placements/Websites
We can choose to present our ads to specific websites only.
Example: If we want to promote products for newborns we can choose to display our ads only to specific websites / portals which offer useful info to mothers.
– Remarketing
We can also choose to present ads to users who have already enter in our website.
Example: Example: If a user has gone to a lawyer firm website and read some pages devoted to labour rights, then, after the user leaves the site, we can present ads to that user after that show how well this law firm performs with claims for workers’ rights. The combination of possibilities increases more and more when we combine all these different options we have available. Of course, there are many more and it would take me a lot of time to describe them all. Hopefully, by now I have managed to convince you of the power of Google AdWords ads and why they can be considered an investment for a company and not an expense.

Why are Google advertising services important for a website

Because they allow us to instantly reach a huge audience, wherever needed, globally and locally, and they also allow us to choose the audience that is the best possible match for our business. The possibilities are ‘endless’ and most important of all we can monitor the performance of our ads to such an extent that we can evaluate how profitable AdWords ads are at every stage. Thus, we do not guess if the advertisement is profitable or not. We can be sure about it with tools like Google Analytics which are free.

Professional Google advertising services VS amateur

Many people who have tried AdWords, without having professional knowledge of how to use this tool, have not been successful in creating profitable campaigns. Even I made a lot of mistakes with my first attempts at running a campaign. With a lot of reading and practice things start to become clearer. Successful AdWords campaigns are done with the right set of skills. I would highly recommend that you assign this part of your business to professionals who have experience in handling many different types of accounts and will be able to figure out what set of campaigns will be profitable for your business.

Are the Google advertising services a good combination with the SEO services

Based on my experience, Google AdWords is the perfect tool to use for coming up with an SEO strategy and for testing if your prospect clients will react as you want them to once they visit your website. It is the perfect way to immediately check if the landing pages you have created according to your SEO strategy bring you the desired results. Not only that, but Google AdWords can be used to show you long tail keywords which are actual, can be very interesting for your business and you either hadn’t thought about them or missed them while doing your SEO keyword research.

Are you Interested in Google advertising Services?

If you are interested in trying Google advertising services, please follow the link ‘REQUEST GOOGLE ADVERTISING SERVICES OFFER’ below and fill out the form. I will come back to you with an estimated offer and if this is going to be your first time using Google AdWords for your business, I can offer you a Google coupon whose value depends on your location as well.

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