International SEO Consultant Services
International SEO Consultant Services

What is international SEO consulting

International SEO services are SEO services for websites that have content in more than one language or for websites that want to adjust their content per country even if in some countries the language is the same.

Why are the international SEO consultant services important

International SEO is important because it works to obtain organic traffic in different countries and different languages. It is not enough to just translate the website content in different languages and keep the same architecture or layout. Users’ keyword search patterns have variations, and the combinations of keywords users use to search for services or products vary. In addition to that, a lot of the time the actual services and products vary or should vary as well. One service that is popular in one country may not exist at all in another and vice versa. International SEO services help us identify these differences in user expectations, needs and intentions. An international SEO expert will be able to identify these differences and form international SEO strategies per country or language in such a way that they the content will be optimized to match the users’ online behaviour and requirements.

International SEO services and multilingual websites

By now it should be clear that just translating a website in many languages does not necessarily mean that it is SEO optimized in all these languages. There is a considerable amount of work that needs to be done to optimize a multilingual website for SEO. Every website in a different language needs a separate set of SEO services, because the user behavior differs from country to country.

Are international SEO services expensive

Compared to the ‘standard’ type of SEO, the answer to this question is ‘yes’. SEO services which are provided by international seo specialists or international seo companies are expensive because they require a team of people (translators, SEO experts, project managers, website developers etc.), who will need to coordinate and work together to achieve the desirable result. If such a service is cheap, it probably does not focus on quality and agile project management methodology, but rather it is based on just delivering a project. A project like this needs to focus on doing the best possible research and developing the best SEO mechanisms for the goal at hand, without the limitations of a pre-defined budget. It should be a project that will allow the team members to focus on quality instead of cost.

In addition to the size of the team and the methodology used, SEO services provided by international seo agencies are expensive because of the size of the websites. Companies that request International SEO services usually have big websites and, by multiplying the size of a website with the number of different languages / countries targeted, the project becomes big and takes the form of several ‘local’ website SEO projects.

What SEO services do the international SEO services I offer include?

All the types of SEO services mentioned in this website are services that I offer for international SEO projects.
SEO marketing services
Technical SEO audit services
Local SEO Services
SEO optimization services for content
SEO strategy services
SEO consulting
• Online SEO trainings – Check a case study of an SEO training project
Google Analytics trainings
Google Tag Manager Trainings
Google Search Console Trainings

Types of websites & international SEO services

As an SEO consultant and an expert in international seo marketing, I undertake SEO projects for websites that belong to one of the following types:
* International blogs, newspapers, job boards, directories etc., whose main topic is to provide information through the creation of valuable content.
* Corporate websites whose main business is to inform their target audience about their services or products.
* E-commerce websites whose main topic is to sell a product / service through an e-cart.

International SEO & translation services

International SEO cannot be implemented without the cooperation of a translation agency. For the services I offer, I cooperate with a partner who offers language translation services from English to various other languages.

Interested in international SEO consulting services?

If you are interested in international SEO services, you can contact me in order to arrange a skype call to discuss your project.

SEO consulting services per website type

You might be wondering if all websites require the same type of SEO consulting and how this service might differ from website to website. In my experience, I can say that the SEO principles are the same but the effort and continuity that is required definitely vary not only for different website types, but also for different industries, business sizes, locations and even the CMS that is used. If you would like to learn more, please follow any of the links below.

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International SEO Consultant Services
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