Starting a home renovation business with the help of digital marketing
Starting a home renovation business with the help of digital marketing

Thinking of starting a home renovation business? Please continue reading this page. The content that follows presents how the owner of a small business that was a startup in home renovations assigned me a project to promote his business digitally in order to find new clients and new projects. This is a successful case study of how SEO and digital marketing can lead to success a home renovation business. The content that follows presents which steps we followed to make this possible. If you are interested in starting your own home renovation business contact us and we can arrange a 30min free call to discuss with you the details of your project. We know how to promote such type of businesses efficient and effectively.

Business Location: Athens Greece (Local business)

Business Industry:  Home Renovations

Website Language: Greek & English

Project Assigned: End of July 2015

Starting a Home Renovation Business Project: The Story

Our client had an amateur website when he initially reached us to give him an offer for Google Ads services. He is a civil engineer who was working in a construction company organizing everything related to the construction of apartment buildings and as a second job he was undertaking small home renovation projects to increase his income. His goal was to promote his existing website in order to find more projects and increase a bit more his income. During the first discussion we had he asked me for my personal opinion regarding his website. ‘Will this website be convincing enough to sell my services’ if we promote it with google adwords? I told him ‘no’ it will not be but deep down I believe he already knew it. Thus, we agreed that I will do my seo marketing research and come back with a short digital marketing plan where I would make proposals about what we would have to do in order to make the initial goal possible.

The project difficulties

  • Very small budget
  • Greek construction market falling during the Greek financial crisis
  • Big SEO competition for the Greek SEO reality
  • Small portfolio of existing home renovation projects that could be used to convince the prospect clients.

The project strengths

  • Strong will to work passionate to make this project successful both from the client side but also from my side
  • Good communication although we met for the first time 2.5years after we started our cooperation
  • Trust in accepting our proposals

What we did

  1. Changed the domain name
  2. Made a completely new website based on the SEO research results
  3. As soon as we launched it, we promoted it with Google Adwords
  4. Made a facebook & Instagram page, a Youtube channel, a Google+ Page, a Pinterest page, a Twitter account, a Linkedin page (he does not have time to use all of them every month but he does refresh the content as often as possible).
  5. Made a google my business account.

Services we continue offering to the client:

  1. Professional SEO services
  2. Google Ads Services
  3. Facebook Ads Services
  4. Digital marketing consultation services
  5. WordPress website support

The results

Since we have started the project the website has been redesigned twice as we need to follow up new design styles but also optimize the SEO with the new keywords that popup in the analytics and from new SEO research. Below you will find how the website was looking initially (Step 0). The old website is still live here. You will also be able to see how the first version of the website was looking (Step 1). Part of this version is still live. You can access it in the english version of the home renovation website. And lastly how the website looks now (Step 2). You can access it here.

Starting a home renovation business - SEO case study with digital marketing (Step 0)

Step 0: Old website

Starting a home renovation business - SEO case study with digital marketing (Step 1)

Step 1: 1st Website

Starting a home renovation business - SEO case study with digital marketing (Step 2)

Step 1: Website now

Website Traffic by Channel

Starting a home renovation project - SEO case study - Google Analytics Results
Starting a home renovation project - SEO case study - Google Analytics Results

The graph above illustrates how the total traffic in the website has evolved (blue line) in comparison with the organic traffic (orange line) and the Google ads traffic (green line). This client has managed to develop his business investing in digital marketing and he used and uses part of his profit to invest more and more and get even better results. At the moment the organic traffic he receives with the help of our SEO services, is equivalent to 2000 euros of monthly advertising budget in Greece if we were to use Google Ads to target his keywords. We do use Adwords mainly for remarketing and we will not stop because SEO and Google Ads go hand in hand. But the Google ads advertising budget never exceeds the 300euros/month (always based on the market in Greece where an average cpc in his market/keywords is equal to approx. 1 euro.

Starting a home renovation business - latest listings in google maps
Starting a home renovation business - latest listings in google maps

The graph above illustrates how the impressions and clicks the customer receives from Google Maps in the search results but also inside google maps. When we run Adwords and when the organic keywords are performing at their best the impressions increase a lot. Google products are linked with each other. So, if you would like to get help from Google in promoting your business then the digital marketing plan needs to have many aspects. But, especially in this industry Google can bring you the audience that you need. To be noted that July and August in Greece (due to the summer holidays) are low seasons for searching about this  type of service. Especially August that everyone is in a beach 🙂 .

Current status

The website at the moment has on average minimum 60 users per day and maximum 110 users coming from organic traffic only after searching on important keywords for the client’s business. Simultaneously we run Google Ads every month and occasionally facebook ads. The client wanted to focus mainly in full home renovation projects as his services are more competitive in this industry. Thus, he usually undertake big projects that contain a combination of services (kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, bedroom remodeling, room additions, roof isolations, wall isolations, floor remodeling, hydraulic and new electrical installations, interior design etc). He is extremely busy and receives calls and form submissions from the website on a daily basis. The website is ranking at the top 7 positions for all important keywords in his industry. It has been a very successful project that has the potential to become even more successful. Startups, also need time to cope with the excess demand and find ways to absorb it while keeping the quality of their services high.

Client Testimonial

I have been working for a number of years with Sofia. Sofia, has made the analysis of my website and built it in WordPress. Since then, she has been supporting me with digital marketing consultation and online business growth consultation. She is taking care of my business and dealing with all my problems and solving them with absolute success. In addition she runs on a monthly basis very successful Adwords ads and optimizes the website for SEO.

Sofia, is very experienced in her work and has helped me significantly to achieve my business goals. My website is always on the first page for all the important keywords in my industry. I am very pleased with the cooperation we have and of course I continue to work with her and will continue to work with her as I feel that she is one very important part of my business.

Sotiris Efthymiou – Owner of

How to start a home renovation business – Consultation Services for promoting your business online

If you are getting ready to open your own home renovation business and you would like to promote it successfully contact us and we can organize a free 30min call to discuss with you your project.

How to start a home renovation company – Consultation Services from an Entrepreneur

In TrySEO we care about the success of our projects and the success of our clients. This is why we try to assist them with all our power in meeting their goals and understanding all the aspects of the startup project their are considering to undertake. Would you like to discuss with our home renovation client and learn from his experience? You will be able to ask him any type of question you have and he will be able to give you valuable consultation based on his entrepreneur journey and the expertise he has developed going through this process. The rate for his consultation sessions is 150euros/hour and he can help you avoid mistakes that can be extremely costly for your business. Contact us to learn more.